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Keltech LTD. was formed in 1990.

Our goal has always been to have products that are of superior quality following strict guidelines and government regulations and to be able to deliver these products to our customers in a timely fashion and a fair market price.

Over the past twenty years Keltech has received many awards for its outstanding performance from many leading companies.

As a forward thinking company Keltech takes pride in our knowledge and service and we are always looking for ways to improve our products to best serve our customers needs.

Why Choose Stainless Steel?

For food processing, pharmaceutical and other environments requiring extreme cleanliness and frequent washings, nothing works better than Stainless Steel.

It’s well known that nothing stands up to a wet or corrosive environment as well as stainless steel. That’s why it’s considered the most desirable material for washdown duty motor frames and other exterior motor surfaces.

Stainless steel surfaces are scratch-resistant and abrasion-resistant. It is difficult for bacteria to adhere to them, even after many years of use.

The passive layer of stainless steel is neither attacked by acids or alkalines nor is there any chemical reaction between the metal surfaces and cleaning agents. Additionally, the inert stainless steel surface minimizes interaction of the material with the environment, preventing unwanted reactions with oxygen from the air or the formation of rust.

Our motors are all designed with smooth bodies, round welded on conduit boxes and laser etched nameplates to eliminate all points where bacteria can grow. Our reducers are designed with smooth surfaces and no holes on three sides. This allows for the ability to fully washdown our products with no fear of flaking paint or washing out holes where bacteria can hide.

After examining our products you can clearly see why Keltech Stainless Steel motors and reducers are the clear choice over epoxy coated or painted products for washdown applications.

Terms and Conditions

– Under no circumstances can the reducers be used in winch applications, man lift or people moving devices.

– Reducers are not to be considered fail safe or self-locking devices. If these features are required, a properly sized, independent holding device should be utilized. Reducers should not be used as a break.

– Any brakes that are used in conjunction with a reducer must be sized or positioned in such a way so as to not subjectthe reducer to loads beyond the catalog rating.

– Hot oil and reducers can cause severe burns. Use extreme care when removing lubrication plugs or vents.

– Make certain that the power supply is disconnected before attempting to service or remove any components.

– Buyer shall be solely responsible for determining the adequacy of the product for any and all uses to which buyer shall apply the product.

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