Products bearing the IP69K rating undergo a challenging set of tests to ensure that they offer protection against penetration of high pressure, high temperature water and dust.

What are the advantages of IP69K? 

In environments that require heavy wash-down, such as in the food processing industry, the combination of water, chemicals, high pressures and temperatures can prove fatal for electronic circuits and instrumentation. The IP69K rating offers complete assurance that the piece of equipment that has undergone that test is both durable and resistant and conforms to the highest protection rating on the scale.

All Keltech Stainless Steel products are IP69K rated.

Products that carry the IP69K rating are ideal for facilities where hygiene and cleanliness are critical, as they are proven to be durable and resistant against water, chemicals, high pressure, and high temperatures associated with demanding cleaning and safety measures.

In order to bear an IP69K rating, products must endure rigorous procedures to test protection against penetration of high-pressure (1160-1450psi), high-temperature (176 F) water and dust.

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